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Mark Sawyer's World is all about wonderful people and the superb places in which they are found.

Meet Bob Nickel, Robert Wolfe, Swami Atmananda Udasin (who comes to the US each year to share satsang), V. Ganesan, Roger Castillo, and more. (Other "Recommended" persons, including Randy "Gilana" Goff and Kalidas, are here.)

Mark himself has lived a "blessed life," living in and traveling to Buddhist Thailand, Advaitic South India, mystical Rishikesh, Buddha's Homeland (north India), to Son (Zen) Korea,and to Kobo Daishi's Japan. This site is to share some of that, and more.



 Mark Sawyer's World includes some very wonderful sharers of spiritual truth.

Some of these are in Mark's books.

Included amongst these are Swami Atmananda Udasin of Ajatananda Ashram, Rishikesh, India


Robert Wolfe of the Ojai valley, California.


Mark's "Bob books" are a big part of Mark Sawyer's World.


Master, Swami, Nun, Sinner, Swinger, ONE is about six of the greatest sharers of spirit in the 21st century. Their stories are fascinating, but  they would insist tthat their messages, which are both profound and practical, are more important. They show how to bring a focus on the Absolute, on All That Is, on the Dhamma, and on meditation, into our everyday lives.  These six are Robert Wolfe of the Ojai Valley, V. Ganesan of Arunachala, Swami Atmananda Udasin of Ajatananda Ashram, Ramesh Balsekar of Mumbai, Captain Bob Nickel (see below), and Maechee Brigitte of Wat Prayong, Bangkok, Thailand.

A Nickel's Worth, is all about my friend Bob Nickel--his life, his spiritual message, and much more. Bob went from being a hippie sailboat captain roaming the seven seas to being an aircraft engineer to being a wonderful giver of Satsang--that is, he led spiritual meetings which meant much to many people, especially in the last year of his life. (His website is "Bob was unforgettable his whole life. He had adventures that mostly we only see in movies," said Dr. John Nasse, a friend for over 40 years. "But it was his ending--that last year of powerful satsangs-- that made his life so deliciously special."

 Bob in front of Arunachala.

The Shiva Paradox is a spiritual adventure set in India, with Bob ass "Captain Tom." This book is as accurate about India as I could make it. Many of the characters are actual, though I've sometimes changed their names. Bob liked early versions of  this book a lot, though we debated whether my depiction of him as Captain Tom was 90 or 95% accurate. He definitely believed anybody interested in India should "give it a read."

A YouTube Clilp--"Bob Nickel, India, and Two Books-"shows Bob and some locations from each book. It is Here.

More about all is at



Mark Sawyer's World is all about a person's connection to Consciousness. That does not mean to a religion or dogma. It is about the Truth that underlies all of the belief systems, and indeed, is the basis of All That Is.

Mark Sawyer's World offers information about many excellent sharers of spiritual truth, including:

Swami Atmananda Udasin returns in May of 2017 to Grass Valley, Mount Shasta, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. (see the Event Schedule page for details).  Formerly a Scholar in Comparative Religion, this holy man came to India, met his Spiritual Master, and a huge shift occurred. He spends many of his winters as a guest Swami at Ramana Ashram, the home and now shrine of Ramana Maharshi at the foot of the holy mountain Arunachala.

Swami Atmananda' Udasins main teaching is, "Everything is Consciousness." There is more about him, including a link to his YouTube video introduction, on the Swami Atmananda Udasin page. 

Another strong giver of satsang is Roger Castillo ( Persons who enjoyed the satsangs of Bob Nickel, the books of Robert Wolfe, V. Ganesan, and Swami Atmananda would very much appreciate satsang with Roger.

Mark with Roger in India in January 2017.

Superb author and private bringer of clarity Robert Wolfe has his own page here.

Maechee Brigitte Schrottenbacher, the senior foreignTheravada Buddhist Nun in Thailand, was hosted by Mark Sawyer's World in 2013. There is more about her, and a special offer she has for you, here.

--Webcasts of "Spiritual Journeys" to Buddhist Thailand and to some of the many sacred places of India are on the MarkSawyersWorld YouTube channel. Clips featuring many great sharers of spiritual truth are there, including ones which feature V. Ganesan, Maechee Brigitte, Swami Atmananda, Robert Wolfe, and Bob Nickel. The temple life and ordination of the young Buddhist monk Jamaal Adams is there, and also a unique perspective about "The Healing Temple" from long-time Buddhist monk Phra Frank. Other YouTube clips featuring Bob Nickel in interview and satsang are here.

--DVDs, Books, and more. At this time the best DVDs and books which I have available or would recommend are all mentioned on Bob left the body in August 2012, but his DVDs include him in satsang and while being interviewed. As goes books, Bob and Mark shared a great liking for the works of Robert Wolfe (click here) as well as the others listed on Bob's site.

Mark became a serious "spiritual seeker" since soon after his arrival to Japan and his first visit to Korea in the 1980's. He has spent much of his adult life away from America, including five years in Europe, nine years in Japan, five in Korea, and (putting together various stays over many decades) three each in Thailand and India.

Buddhism and the Advaita (non-dualism) of Ramana Maharshi have been his main focuses. First there was Zen and Shingon Buddhism in Japan. Then there was Theravada Buddhism of Thailand, the Vipassana techniques made popular by the Burmese, and Tibetan Buddhism in India. Korea was wonderful, being a superb place to visit and then to live  which offers Son (Zen) temples both modern and ancient dotting the landscape.

Mark is committed to delivering excellence in everything he does. His definition of excellence is, "It might not be a perfect production, but everything you see and hear is true. I only recommend teachers--swamis, nuns, monks, or whomever--who are the 'real deal.'

"I can't complete this site, or even this intro, without giving credit to my friend Bob Nickel. Working with him during what turned out to be the last year of his life meant more to me—and has opened more doors—than I could have imagined. I miss him."

Please also make sure to check the Special Invitation on the Mae Chee Brigitte page